9mm Automatic
9mm Automatic 2

Ammo Per Round

20, 30(When Upgraded)





Level Appearances

Sinking Feeling and Out of the Frying Pan

Rate of Fire


Rate of Reload


The 9mm Automatic is a one of a kind weapon in Jurassic: The Hunted. When you first start the level Sinking Feeling there will be a Deiononychus eating meat off of ribs. Behind that is an Ammo Box that will have the 9mm Automatic in it. Some of the features include the color being all black. Aside from shooting one bulet alone, it shoots all the bullets in a round with one push and hold of the button. This gun is the rarest weapon in the game aside the Plasma Rifle only being in two levels. Although the aiming may be tough when the gun is shot, it is still pretty powerful.


9mm Automatic 2

Dylan wielding a 9mm Automatic

9mm Automatic

The 9mm in an Ammo Box