Code: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot

Time of Day





Velociraptors, Deiononychus

Weapons Found

.45 Pistol, 30-06 Rifle, Plasma Rifle (Hard Mode Only)

Number Of Mounted Gun Parts


Barricades Featured


In the beginning of this level (Start of Game) Craig Dylan, Rock, and Sabrina Sayrus are looking for her father Dr. James Sayrus who mysteriously disappeared on October 5th, 1983 in the Bermuda Triangle area. While looking for Sabrina's father, the plane they are in flies over the Bermuda Triangle and Sabrina catches the waves from her father's radio. At the moment the plane starts to descend and is about to crash. Dylan, Rock and Sabrina have to jump but knowing they will be sucked into a time vortex and can be sent anywhere. Craig Dylan is thrown into thick woods and he is confused where he is. Three Velociraptors venture out from the brush and approach Dylan. They then hear a noise of another Dinosaur and run off. Dylan is still left confused as he walks on paths, then finding the former pilot Monte that has bones that look over a thousand years old. And thats where the adventure begins. The Level is surrounded by vast thick woods that can have anything around any corner. The thick trees and lots of green help the raptors blend. At one area of the level there is some water with a plane crashed. This level mostly is Dylan trying to find his friends and get off the island.

Dinosaurs AppearancesEdit

The only Dinosaurs to appear in this level are the Velociraptors and Deinonychus. This is not including deceased Dinosaurs.



One of the many deceased dinosaurs on the island.


Code: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot