They are the game's most common enemy.They are pretty fast and deadly.They often run to the player to hit him with their heads or if the player is close to them they bite him.They are not so hard to kill but it's really difficult to kill many if the player is surrounded by them.Sometimes even hide to do a surprise attack.They sometimes throw the player down and they try to bite him in the face for an instant kill and the player has to bash a button rapidly to don't get beaten and escape.There are three types of them each with a diffrent color skin

The red ones: They are the normal type of them.Fast and strong but they are very dangerous in packs

The purple-pink ones: These are weaker and they can be easily be killed by the player and they do low damage

The green ones: These are the most hard ones.They take more shots to get killed and they do double damage than usual


Many players and fans are calling them Raptors or Velociraptors instead of Deinonychus

sub booss

boss name:green and red and brown deinonychus,also the red one should be replaced by either brown or orange and purple-pink should be replaced by red.


sterght:they are always in group of two or more.

weekness:they are very fairly low amomuts

weelk poins:evey body

how to defeat:simple defeat all raptor

how many times fought:9,three on fort,three on normal and three on gun.