Far From Shore, Far From Home
Far Frpm Shore, Far From Home 2

Time of Day





Velociraptors, Deiononychus, and Utah Raptor

Weapons Used

Model 1855 Rifle Gun Turret, and Plasma Rifle (Hard Mode Only)

Number Of Mounted Gun Parts


Barricades Featured


Far From Shore, Far From Home is the second level in the game after Code: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. The level starts out with Craig Dylan looking for a ship to locate Rock. As he walks to the crashed ship you will encounter a Deiononychus. After you pass through a path Dylan will quote "Woah! That was some freaky parking. I sure hope that gun still works." In which now you must defeat waves of Velociraptors. After proceeding through the turret sequence you will have to make it to the deck of the ship. Then a vortex will happen again and you must exit the ship to the other side. Shortly after you will arrive at an open are with big eggs. Two Deiononychus will run out with a Utah Raptor right behind them. The Deionoychus escape leaving the Utah Raptor after you. After killing it, you must proceed then examine a fire. The surroundings are not much different than the first level but mostly rocky and a lot of climbing.

Dinosaur AppearancesEdit

Only three dinosaurs appear in this level which are Velociraptors, Deiononychus, and Utah Raptors.


  • After killing the Utah Raptor, you will obtain the Playstation 3 Trophy "Six Foot Turkey"


Far From Shore, Far From Home

A different angle of the boat

Far Frpm Shore, Far From Home 2

The crashed boat on land.