Out of the Frying Pan
Out of the Frying Pan 2

Time of Day



Partly Cloudy


Deiononychus and Utah Raptor

Weapons Found

9mm Automatic, .45 Pistol ,and Black Powder Rifle

Number of Mounted Gun Parts


Barricade Featured


Out of the Frying Pan is the fifth level in Jurassic: The Hunted. You start of in an area with burnt trees and burning lava and molten. When you proceed around the first corner Dylan says "Should have thought about hooking up with a Seal, probably thinks lava is a good thing." You have to go through a small canyon like area fighting through Deiononychus. Eventually, you will get to the main area where dinosaurs start coming from portals. You have to reach on piece of land where the Black Powder Rifle will appear. Once you proceed through the rest of the lava covered land, you will walk down a small area and you will have to cross a fallen down tree. Beware, as soon as you touch the ground a Utah Raptor will come out of some vines and trees slightly to your left. After that one is defeated another one appears. After you defeat the Utah Raptors you have to escape.


  • Oddly enough, when you cross the fallen tree there is a burning barricade that surrounds you.
  • This is the best chance to get the Achievement/Trophy "Die in a Fire" as you are surrounded by lava for pretty much the whole time.


Out of the Frying Pan

The beginning area in "Out of the Frying Pan"

Black Powder Rifle 2

Dylan in the main area of "Out of the Frying Pan" with the Black Powder Rifle

Out of the Frying Pan 2

The main area in the level.