Sinking Feeling

Time of Day





Deiononychus and Velociraptors

Weapons Found

9mm Automatic

Number of Mounted Gun Parts


Barricades Featured


Sinking Feeling is the third level in Jurassic: The Hunted after Far From Shore, Far From Home. The level starts off with Craig Dylan in an area with one Deiononychus eating meat off of bones. After you kill the dinosaur or injure it, more Deiononychus will come from the rock walls. One of them will sneak away and hide behind the corner and wait for you. After you kill that dinosaur, you will find more eating meat off of a rib cage. If you alert all three of them, they will charge at you. You then will need to pick up some grenades to destroy the rocks blocking your path, but more Deiononychus come over the walls. After you kill the Deiononychus, you have to blow up the wall with the grenades. After you will proceed through the area until you see a Velociraptor sitting on top of a tree. As soon as you jump down many Velociraptors will come out of nowhere and attack you. After defeating the raptors, you will walk upon a Barricade and you will have to defend it. The surroundings to this level are very similar to the other two, but instead it is night time with a full moon, making it harder to see your opponents. Other than that, everything is mostly jungle.



The beginning scenery of Sinking Feeling

Sinking Feeling2

The area of Sinking Feeling after you blow up the rocks