utahraptor is a boss.


1st time:

they are alone and they are hurt already by some headbutt and bites from surronding raptor of his minions.


staregy:shot the egg if you wanys but they have nothing and focus on utahraptor because he will attack at this poinst.simple damge three part,

head part.keep shotting on head to deal some damage.

neck part:simple shot 4-5 time on the neck

back part:three are  four news,two bad and two good

the bad news is this is mots hardest part and uhatraptor should already turn backs each time you wanna shot thess and the anoyher bad news is this is a deadly part as you do not to get hit by it swinging tails and the good news is this is not needed to defeat all other boss and normal enemis,thre can be defeated by shotting eveywhere and another good news this is wrongly said back and instead head again.

2st time

hit poist:6

staregy:easy just kill both utahraptor.

3st time 


like other.

fought times:3