Vortex Zero
Vortex Zero

Time of Day



Partly Cloudy



Weapons Used

5.56 Assault Rifle and Shotgun

Number of Mounted Gun Parts


Barricades Featured


Vortex Zero is the fourth level in the game after Sinking Feeling. Dylan has to follow a path down to an area where a Deiononychus are eating a deaceased dinosaur. Three raptors jump off of a short ledge and slowly approach the player. After killing all three, you must follow the marker down to a path blocked off from rocks. Beware, three more waves of raptors come froma different area. Now realizing that the path is blocked Craig Dylan must go recover a bomb of some sort. During the countdown to the explosion, another wave of raptors enter the area and they must be killed. After unblocking the path, the player must proceed to a Barricade and defend it. After successfully defending the barricade, you will walk through an open area and more raptors will approach. Now you have to make it to the volcano, but make it through a turret sequence first. After defeating all the enemies, Dylan must continue on into the caves where you finish up the level. Most of the surroundings are similar to the levels before, the only change is the weather and the rest is mostly the same.


Votex Zero 2

The last area of "Vortex Zero" by the downed chopper and turret.

Vortex Zero

Beginning area of "Vortex Zero"